Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Retaking My Stand on This Issue

I've stated this before, but I am going to state it again since it is a hot topic as of late. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" should be lifted as an actual policy in the military. Admission of your sexual orientation should not be grounds for dismissal from the armed force. We are a free nation, and we should extend those freedoms to those who are willing to protect it...all of them.

I think the effectiveness of a soldier should be determined by their ability to carry out their duties and work cohesively with their brothers/sisters-in-arms. I think everybody can agree with that.

I've talked to all of my friends in the military (and I have quite a few of them), and all of them don't see the problem in repealing DADT, even though a few have their own discomforts with gays due to personal beliefs. They believe that as long as that soldier can hold up their end of the bargain, they are fine with them serving.


Paul Garber said...

So, you don't mind if someone with sexual deviant behavior wears the uniform of our armed forces, and it doesn't bother you that when they take oaths of HONOR, that they are wholly devoid of honor?

Would you really want your son to be led into battle by some panzy or a dyke lesbian? Would you feel that your son should lay down his life to save the life of his lesbian or male homosexual colleague?

What about other sexual deviants, such as those who are into S&M, pedophilia or bestiality? If they are just open about their deviance, would you then say it would be OK for them to wear our uniform and claim to be a U.S. soldier?

NO! It is not OK, and those dirt-bags who have been too long in the Pentagon to remember what it is like in the real world, need to be kicked out for playing yes-men to the Obama homo program.

I know that some of the people who I served with turned out to be homosexual. A few were clearly queer when on active duty (and were booted out for the good of the Service), while most kept their private lives out of view while they were on active duty. I have even known a few married personnel who, once divorced, developed a homosexual relationship; but that happened long after those folks retired after serving honorably.

Deviant sexual behavior is still a violation of the UCMJ and homosexual behavior is, without doubt, deviant behavior that tarnishes the reputation of ALL who wear the uniform.

I don't want to serve alongside dykes or homosexual men who openly display their homosexual behaviors. The reality is that, these folks exist but we needn't sully the reputation of our armed forces by having a policy where they can openly flaunt their deviancy while wearing the uniform that has accrued so much honor on the backs of so many good men who upheld our traditional American values.

Phil Chroniger said...

The fact that you equate an act between two consenting adults (Which I include S&M in that realm) with pedophilia or beastiality shows how little you know about "where the line is drawn".

Homosexual and sadomasochistic acts between two consenting adults are ok with me. Pedophilia and beastiality or not, because the act is not between two human beings of consenting age. Therefore, you cannot consider homosexuality a "deviant" act. Get it? Got it? Good, now moving on.

If that "pansy" or "dyke", as you call them, was a competent military officer, then I would not have a problem with them leading my son (if he were to become a soldier) into battle. I also would raise my son to not be judgmental of the activities of two consenting adults. If he were to become a soldier, I would expect him to do as any good soldier would do...protect his brothers/sisters-in-arms, and defend this nation with all of his might in battle.

You, sir, are a bigot. While I will defend your right to have your opinion, and you are free to post those opinions on my blog in an uncensored fashion...I am not going to sit here and let them go unchallenged, either.

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