Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Podium's Hiatus...Why and for How Long?

The get-well wishes from when I was sick and the e-mails asking me to "please get back to blogging" have been much appreciated. However, I've been busy.

Very busy.

As in, possibly moving to Pensacola, Florida busy.

Partially because of career advancement opportunities, partially because the outrageous prices of housing in NoVa has crept out towards the northern Valley (I blame the NoVa Dems...because I can :)). Partially because the climate will be better for my wife's respiratory problems.

I'm still here in Virginia, sitting, watching, and observing. However, with all that is going on, blogging/article-writing has been put to the side for the moment. If I end up staying, I'll jump-start this puppy back to life. If I move to Florida, I'll be down there singing the praises of Charlie Crist while lounging on the white, sandy beaches of the Emerald Coast...and I'll probably start blogging about area politics and so forth down there.

However, nothing is final, and just the company I work for...everything is subject to change.

My fellow sensible red-staters, keep your heads up. I know it seems like you're fighting an uphill battle trying to convince people of the good aspects of conservatism when people throw "Larry Craig" and "George W. Bush" in your faces all day long, and some right-wingers give you a bad name by being too extreme in their opinions and POV's.

To DWJ...keep the sanity by being insane. Lord knows Virginia needs it.

I will return to either say a final farewell to Virginia, break a huge story, or resume blogging sometime in the near future. Till then...

Peace, Phil.....and GO, FRED, GO!!!!!!