Saturday, December 26, 2009

Terrorist Foiled by Passengers

Now THIS is true American heroism.

ROMULUS, Mich. (AP) - An attempted terrorist attack on a Christmas Day flight began with a pop and a puff of smoke - sending passengers scrambling to subdue a Nigerian man who claimed to be acting on orders from al-Qaida to blow up the airliner, officials and travelers said.

The commotion began as Northwest Airlines Flight 253, carrying 278 passengers and 11 crew members from Amsterdam, prepared to land in Detroit just before noon Friday. Travelers said they smelled smoke, saw a glow, and heard what sounded like firecrackers. At least one person climbed over others and jumped on the man, who officials say was trying to ignite an explosive device.

Kudos to these true American heroes for stepping up and averting what could have been a real tragedy. Very reminiscent of the shoe bomber attempt in 2001, which most articles on yesterday's terror attempt have referenced.

President Obama has called for "appropriate increases" in security, but has not made any real public statements about the near-disaster.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope that you and yours have a great Christmas Day! We'll be back tomorrow. Here's to wishing that the freezing rain outside doesn't cause too much trouble.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

For Once, Tim Kaine is Right!

Outgoing Gov. Tim Kaine states that "...the budget he is handing off to Gov.-elect Robert F. McDonnell, a Republican, is one he would have drafted for his own administration or for the Democratic candidate, if state Sen. R. Creigh Deeds had won the November gubernatorial election."

The difference would've been that Deeds would've readily accepted the income tax increase, McDonnell will not. Thus, Kaine is being honest that he's not putting in a tax increase to simply screw McDonnell...but he's still trying to pass off a tax increase. Period. Kaine is giving the right answer to the wrong question.

(h/t Barticles)

Another D.C.-Area Icon Passes...

George Michael (the sportscaster, not the singer) passed away this morning at the age of 70 after his battle with cancer.

He was the man who gave us "George Michael's Sports Machine" late on Sunday nights, which was the forerunner to SportsCenter. He was a mainstay on NBC 4, and host of Redskins Report for many, many years. George brought a level of energy and enthusiasm that was combined with perfect timing, a very distinct voice, and credible reporting.

I remember when I was little, when cable was in it's more primitive stages and Pay-Per-View was not an option for us with so few funds, I would stay up late on the nights of Pro Wrestling PPV's, and wait for George to give the results and clips from the show.

When I think back to growing up in the glory days of the Redskins in the 80's and early 90's, two voices ring loudly to me...Frank Herzog's play-by-play (Touchdown! Washington Redskins! iconic), and George Michael hosting Redskins Report and interviewing players during the week on the 5 and 6 o'clock news.

My thoughts and prayers go out to George's family and friends. He will be truly missed by all of us who grew up in the D.C. area.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Little Maintenence...

FYI for readers...I'm going to be tinkering with designs late at night. So if you visit the blog in the late evening or midnight hour, things may occasionally look drastically different with the blog's overall look. Will I make a permanent change? Who knows, but I'm going to tinker around a bit :)

The Following News Article is Brought to You by "Bad Parenting"

A Boston mother called the cops because she couldn't get her 14 year old son to stop playing Grand Theft Auto and go to bed. She also called because, at 2:30 AM, he decided to be defiant and turn on all the lights in the house. The cops apparently convinced the son to listen to his mother.

You don't need cops to convince your son to behave. What you need are parenting skills, the ability to pull the plug on the boy's gaming system and remove it from his room, and stiff resolve not to allow your punk 14 year old to walk all over you. However, if the kid was acting like this now, the parenting has to have been lacking in some form for a while, now.

This is why some believe that the nanny state is a good thing...because there are a select group of people who don't know how to raise their kids.

And Speaking of the Steve Hunt...

...Spock on one of NLS's comment threads finally explained this "ex-gay" thing about Steve Hunt to me. Kudos to Spock for finally answering my questions on this. He stated...

Phil- As a school board member, Hunt tried to bring "ex-gays" into the public school classrooms to tell kids how not to be gay if they are.

He also tried to do this without the consent of the rest of the school board.

This busted open a pandora's box of questions about Hunt, his own sexual orientation, and his lack of respect for policy procedure and his agenda.

I'll reiterate what I said in my reply to this. I don't endorse anything of this nature (despite the fact that it puts me at odds with some Republicans). I don't think that the schools should encourage or discourage anyone from deciding on their sexual orientation. It is not the place of public schools to do so. The fact that he did so by going around the rest of his board members is just an extra foul on this matter.

I know that there are Social Conservatives that don't like that I hold this viewpoint (especially since that I am, for all intents and purposes, on the right side of the aisle...just a bit "north" of the right) but that's just how I feel. A person's sexual orientation is a part of their genetic composition, it's more than just a simple choice, IMO.

Feel free to disagree with me, I'll probably understand why you would, but I simply do not endorse what Hunt apparently did.

Dave Marsden = The Harvey Dent of Virginia Politics

I missed this from Too Conservative a couple of days ago, but it bears repeating.

Dave Marsden was positioning himself as a centrist (Warner-esque, I suppose) who was against big government and higher taxes (basically, a conservative Democrat) in his campaign for the special election in the 37th State Senate district. Now he's attacking Bob McDonnell (who ran on being against big government and higher taxes) in a recent mailer, and positioning himself as the man who will fight against McDonnell and his agenda. The worst part is, Marsden is sending the mailer to not only Dems, but to Independents and Republicans as know, the people who supported McDonnell just over a month ago.

This is the same man who worked to get Ken Cuccinelli get elected to the General Assembly, and then became a Democrat, won a seat in the House of Delegates, and is now challenging for Cuccinelli's vacated Senate seat. The man is literally Two-Face (hence the "Harvey Dent" reference, kids).

Steve Hunt may win the special election out of Marsden's sheer confusion.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Night Music Club - 12/22/09

Just for fun, a forgotten classic from the greatest of all time (and one of the best names of a song ever, lol). From 1993, LL Cool J's "Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag Getting Crushed by Buildings"

And, for a little Christmas cheer...from 1987, here's Run-DMC's "Christmas in Hollis"

and from 1994, Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You"

White House, Congressional Dems Playing Hardball on Their Own

Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan states that the White House and Democratic Party leaders in Congress have been pressuring him not to speak out against the "compromise" language regarding abortion in the health care bill. Stupak is one of a group of Blue Dog Democrats and is also pro-life. He was one of the leaders of the Blue Dog stand against the health care bill in the House of Representatives.

Personally, by taking a stand like this against his own party, I believe that his political career (at least, within his current party) is probably done for anyway. If you're gonna go out, then, why not go out swinging and stand by your principles?

Connaughton Named McDonnell's Transportation Secretary

Former Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors and U.S. Maritime Administrator Sean Connaughton was named to Governor-elect Bob McDonnell's cabinet as his Secretary of Transportation. Connaughton was also a candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2005, but lost the GOP nomination to current Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.

Commentary from Virginia Virtucon, Too Conservative, and Bearing Drift are all positive. I would have to agree. Connaughton has shown himself to be very proactive and practical in his decisions. Bearing Drift pointed out that Connaughton's experience with maritime administration provides an extra perspective, since Virginia is home to a lot of maritime traffic. Too Conservative also noted that Connaughton was the BoS Chairman in PWC when PWC was being recognized for it's efforts to build an excellent network of roads, and has received praise for this. This would make Connaughton an excellent choice for this position, and I've noticed a distinct lack of criticism from the opposition on this pick, because I don't see where they will have much to complain about, either.

GOP Makes an Interesting Move

According to Virginia Right!, the Republicans are forcing a vote of constitutionality on the health care bill. What makes this so interesting is the fact that there will be debate on the constitutionality of the bill, which will bring certain wording and phrasing in the bill to light (such as Harry "The Weasel" Reid's attempts to change Senate rules without a 2/3rds majority).

If they play this right, they can derail this bill...which would be a good thing, because nobody wants it, anyway.

Hugo Chavez Gets Mocked by Colombian Defense Minister

I love seeing Hugo Chavez get dissed. Warms my heart to no end, as he is just the latest in a long line of socialists who have preyed upon the poor in Latin America for votes, but do nothing for them.

Chavez recently accused Colombia (then the U.S.) of flying spy drones over his nation of Venezuela. Colombia's response to these accusations (from the WaPo article)...

Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva and armed forces commander Freddy Padilla told reporters Monday that Colombian aircraft couldn't fly the kind of espionage mission described by Chavez.

"Colombia doesn't have that capability," said Silva. He quipped that perhaps "Venezuelan soldiers mistook Father Christmas' sleigh for a spy plane."

Mwahaha, it was Santa Claus! I love that kind of dismissal, because I know it burns the heart of those who feast upon attention...which Chavez certainly does.

This is why Congress should READ the Bills!

Apparently, part of Harry "The Weasel" Reid's last minute amendment to the Health Care Deform, I mean, Reform Bill was the following that was discovered by Redstate...

"Upon examination of Senator Harry Reid’s amendment to the health care legislation, Senators discovered section 3403. That section changes the rules of the United States Senate.

To change the rules of the United States Senate, there must be sixty-seven votes.

Section 3403 of Senator Harry Reid’s amendment requires that “it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.” The good news is that this only applies to one section of the Obamacare legislation. The bad news is that it applies to regulations imposed on doctors and patients by the Independent Medicare Advisory Boards a/k/a the Death Panels."

I'll bet that there are a few Dems who would not have even voted for cloture unless this had been removed first. This is a classic example of why Congress should read the bills they are passing.

(h/t United Conservatives)


Ugh...As a Skins fan, I must say that this is very typical. The minute you start to believe in these guys, they find a way to kill all of your faith in them. Tonight's game was a piss-poor performance and the Giants rightfully whipped our asses.

It is a good thing that Bruce Allen got here and has the opportunity to see who he wants to keep and who he wants to get rid of. These next 2 games are definitely an audition for next season.

However, once again, it's Dallas week...nothing to lose, guys...let's spoil their season!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Actress Brittany Murphy Dead at 32

Apparently, she suffered full cardiac arrest this morning.

Murphy was one of those actresses who managed to put together a prolific career without many "starring" roles. She always played a second or third major role very well.

She was great as the voice of Luanne and young Joseph on King of the Hill. Her performance in 8 Mile was excellent. She also had strong performances in such movies as Clueless (her first big break), Sin City, Girl, Interrupted, and Don't Say a Word. She collaborated with legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold on the number one Billboard Dance Club hit, "Faster Kill Pussycat".

I was not aware that she had health issues. It will be very interesting to see what brought this on, as I've never heard of her having any kind of health problems.


While I'm not the biggest fan of "celeb gossip" sites, TMZ usually has good scoops on these things and you can track their updates here.

Left-Leaners Against the Health Care Bill

Just a few people and organizations against this debacle of a Health Care Bill...

- Howard Dean
- National Organization of Women
- Markos Moulitsas
- Jane Hamsher and Gregg Levine of FireDogLake

These would be prominent tastemakers of the left, as well as some of the most effective firestarters for the Democratic Party's grassroots. This whole bill should be scrapped, as it would have to go back to the House even if it passes, because it is almost a completely different bill without the public option.

This thing is just going to bounce back and forth, which will simply alienate the Dem base and push the Independents away. I obviously don't have a problem with this, but I don't think that the White House should celebrate the fact that they basically bought off some of the moderates in a not-so-discreet fashion. It's bad public image, and the voters remember things like this.

The "Arrogance of Man"

Sarah Palin tweets about the Copenhagen "climate talks".

BTW, an important note was made in this article, Sarah Palin does NOT deny that climate change exists. She is skeptical on whether or not man has had as considerable an influence as some scientists would have you believe.

Another Lefty Attempts to Set Back U.S./British Relations

Pop singer/rocker-wannabe Pink compares British royalty to "rednecks" from the South due to their penchant for fox hunting.

Pink is a lefty (vocal in her anti-Bush sentiments during his 2nd term), and she follows the typical celebrity leftist line of being against hunting/fur use. That's fine that she doesn't believe in these things, but to call the British royal family "rednecks" and say that the Brits should replace the fur hats on the palace guards with designs from Stella McCartney shows a blatant ignorance about how the world outside of the celebrity bubble actually works.

Honestly, I'm confused as to how the hunting habits of the British royal family have to do with an American pop singer who has entered the downside of her career. I also wonder why she thinks that they will listen to her...does she think that her opinion will carry that much weight with the royal family?

This is the second time this year that a high-profile lefty has dissed the Brits. Remember, it was back in March that the highest-profile lefty of them all, Barack Obama, decided that 25 DVDs that won't even play on European DVD players was a perfect gift for Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Brits did not agree.

20 inches here in New Market... about you?