Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And Speaking of the Steve Hunt...

...Spock on one of NLS's comment threads finally explained this "ex-gay" thing about Steve Hunt to me. Kudos to Spock for finally answering my questions on this. He stated...

Phil- As a school board member, Hunt tried to bring "ex-gays" into the public school classrooms to tell kids how not to be gay if they are.

He also tried to do this without the consent of the rest of the school board.

This busted open a pandora's box of questions about Hunt, his own sexual orientation, and his lack of respect for policy procedure and his agenda.

I'll reiterate what I said in my reply to this. I don't endorse anything of this nature (despite the fact that it puts me at odds with some Republicans). I don't think that the schools should encourage or discourage anyone from deciding on their sexual orientation. It is not the place of public schools to do so. The fact that he did so by going around the rest of his board members is just an extra foul on this matter.

I know that there are Social Conservatives that don't like that I hold this viewpoint (especially since that I am, for all intents and purposes, on the right side of the aisle...just a bit "north" of the right) but that's just how I feel. A person's sexual orientation is a part of their genetic composition, it's more than just a simple choice, IMO.

Feel free to disagree with me, I'll probably understand why you would, but I simply do not endorse what Hunt apparently did.

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Anonymous said...


I agree with you on this. In fact, if the Repubs stop making an issue out of gay then the "progressives" would get off the defensive and we can move on to more important issues such as healthcare, housing and equal pay.

The LGBT community has made leaps and bounds in the fight to become accepted as people in society.

Open Gays can hold positions that are not just in the beauty and decorating fields, and the rest don't have to live in terror hiding in the closet.

Making an issue out of targeting Gays has made a lot of money for fringe right wing activists, some whom I will not mention and they are right here in VA.

It's embarrassing as both a Virginian and an American that a chuckle head like Steve Hunt is even nominated for a seat as a VA representative from NOVA.

I don't agree with most Republican economic policies but I thought there was still a small amount of standards to weed out those who are beyond reason on the issues of our private lives.

One more thing to consider about what Hunt tried to pull off as a school board member.

There are some very frightening statistics of suicide amongst Gay teens.

We are talking about young valuable kids taking their own lives because of the stigma that remains against the LGBT community.

As a school board member, Hunt was 100% responsible in understanding not only these statistics but how volatile the kids he was recklessly trying to impose his unfounded and hate based agenda on.

Giving these past action in his record I am still dumbfounded on how he is getting on further and higher in elected office.

But, he'll probably win and VA will suffer for it.