Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Ugh...As a Skins fan, I must say that this is very typical. The minute you start to believe in these guys, they find a way to kill all of your faith in them. Tonight's game was a piss-poor performance and the Giants rightfully whipped our asses.

It is a good thing that Bruce Allen got here and has the opportunity to see who he wants to keep and who he wants to get rid of. These next 2 games are definitely an audition for next season.

However, once again, it's Dallas week...nothing to lose, guys...let's spoil their season!


Grover Leoning said...

NFL, NBA, MLB. These are all extensions of organized crime. To expend a calorie of your personal energy to pay any attention to such rubbish is below worthless and it speaks volumes about empty your head is.

If you want to enjoy sports without the major amounts of corruption, either play a sport yourself and/or support your local D-III college.

Phil Chroniger said...

Holy Lord, I've seen the light!!!

Wow, that line above is dripping so heavily with sarcasm that I can see the drops splashing on this paragraph.

First of all, I grew up a Washington Redskins fan. I'm a native of Mount Rainier, Maryland, just outside of DC. I was born the day after they defeated Dallas to go on to play Miami in Super Bowl XVII. I grew up watching "The Hogs", Riggo, The Posse, Joe Theismann to Doug Williams to Mark Rypien. I've followed them through thick and thin. I'm following a team that was my local team.

Organized crime? Due to what...gambling connections? Drug habits of players? Explain how these "crimes" are anything but victimless (which makes them, most likely, non-crimes).

So I will continue to enjoy my "empty-headed", worthless pursuits. Just as I attend high school and local college games when I get the chance.