Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gilbert Gets Creative to Assist Schools

Some creative proposals for closing budget gaps for schools from The Podium's representative in the House of Delegates, Todd Gilbert.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Coakley Admits to Not Enforcing Law as AG

Just gets worse for Dems, and better for GOPers, every time she opens her mouth.

(h/t Yankee Phil)

Byrne Gets Burned

Apparently, you cannot say the following sentence in Alabama...

"I think there are parts of the Bible that are meant to be literally true and parts that are not."

...because Byrne had to hold a press conference in front of a Piggly Wiggly to recant this statement (which is one that I happen to agree with).

Think about this image...Gubernatorial conference...Piggly Wiggly. Yes, we MUST be in Alabama. Hehe, sorry, I do love the state of Alabama, but this whole incident feeds into a LOT of stereotypes.

You know, had he NOT recanted that statement, I would've probably been more inclined to endorse him. However, being that he was rushed to recant for fear of losing support from religious conservatives does not show me much in the way of backbone.

However, given that one of his opponents believes that all faiths except Islam should have monuments erected for them on public property, Byrne still looks to be stable.

Coakley: "Catholics Shouldn't Work in Emergency Rooms"

Wow, the gaffes just keep on comin' from the Martha Coakley campaign, this time from Martha herself. Her latest from an interview with radio show host Ken Pittman.

Pittman: "Right, if you are a Catholic, and believe what the Pope teaches that any form of birth control is a sin. ah you don't want to do that."

Coakley: "No we have a seperation of church and state Ken, lets be clear."

Pittman: "In the emergency room you still have your religious freedom."

Coakley: "(......uh, The law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn't work in the emergency room. (emphasis mine)

Wow, This woman is DONE. You don't say things like that in a state as heavily Catholic as Massachusetts. Scott Brown closed the gap on her, and now she has gotten desperate and anxious, and it appears to be clouding her judgment. Talk about a meltdown of a campaign, this is getting really bad really fast for her.

And no, it doesn't bother me one bit :)

(h/t Michelle Malkin)

The Republican Liberty Caucus Endorsed Steve Hunt???

WHY? I must've missed this one.

I know Hunt has good conservative credentials on fiscal matters, but his social views do not really jive with the RLC's platform, which is rooted in more of a libertarian-style social ideology.

I'm just trying to wrap my head around that one, because it doesn't quite make sense given the stances of the RLC on some issues conflict with Hunt's.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something Funny For Ya...

(h/t THL)

Brown/Coakley a Statistical Dead Heat

In the latest Rasmussen Poll, Podium-endorsed Scott Brown has narrowed the gap on AG Martha "Sic 'em!" Coakley, 49%-47%, in the race for the open Massachusetts Senate seat. Last week Coakley had a 9-point advantage in this same poll. Given Rasmussen's tendency for pin-point accuracy, I'd venture to say that the momentum is all on Brown's side at this point.

This poll will be much to the dismay of the left, who have been trumpeting a poll result posted at Talking Points Memo showing Coakley up by 8 points...of course, the poll was commissioned by a liberal blog (they admit as much), so the results can be pretty well disputed.

Could this be the end of the Supermajority...?

If 2012 Elections Were Today, Obama Would Lose

Allstate/National Journal Poll just came out with the following results regarding whether or not they would elect Obama to a 2nd term...

- 50% said that they would either probably or definitely vote for someone else in 2012.
- 37% said they would "definitely" vote for someone else.
- 39% would probably or definitely vote for Obama.
- 23% said they would "definitely" vote for someone else.

These are NOT good numbers for Barry from D.C. The sentiment against him and his policies (along with the Congressional Dems, whom he supports) is growing consistently. I do believe he will probably get a few points of good will with the voters due to the Earthquake in Haiti (and watch the media talk about his response to Haiti compared to Bush and Hurricane Katrina, it will happen), but this is a downward trend that will continue as long as he tries to push through a health care bill that nobody wants and trumpet stimulus accomplishments that never happened while the unemployment rate remains in double-digits.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FDIC Limits Savings Account Interest Rates

You can only get a higher rate if the FDIC deems the bank "well-capitalized".

The problem is, by discouraging savings, the banks automatically lose capital, which makes them less capitalized. Then, the bank is unable to lend money and become more solvent and viable through the interest charges. Next, the bank loses even more customers through less-than-competitive interest rates and stricter lending standards because it has to save it's remaining capital. Finally, the bank goes bust and the FDIC has to come in and "rescue" things.

'Round and 'round the drain we go...

Hide The Decline, Redux

Apparently, the White House has now changed the rules for what constitutes stimulus success. Now, it seems, if your company received stimulus funds to cover payroll, that was a job "saved or created" as well. In fact, anything covered by stimulus funds, even if it was still a massive failure, is part of the stimulus "success" story.

Not surprisingly, after this latest revision of a revision of a bunch of errors that were made to revise the actual history of the stimulus's lack of success, the White House is now claiming that "The Stimulus Worked!" (In past tense, too, as if we're now in some kind of economic boom period).

One can only shake their head and chuckle...until they realize that people actually believe that there has been success due to the stimulus. Then you feel a deep sinking feeling that resonates throughout your body when you realize "some people won't see beyond the White House's claims of success, despite the obvious failures we've seen". Kinda sad, when you think about it.

(h/t Barticles)

Martha Coakley Consultant Assaults Weekly Standard Reporter

Stay Classy, Dems.

This guy works for the DSCC, and is consulting with Coakley's campaign. Coakley, as you can see, has no problem with allowing this kind of thuggery to go on.

Another reason to support the Podium-endorsed Scott Brown...stand up to those who campaign through intimidation and suppression!

C'mon Shenandoah County GOP, Keep Up!

The ShenCo GOP website hasn't been updated since before November's election! I know that the GOP is firmly the dominant party in the county, but let's keep this ball rolling!

It's That Time Again...Virginia General Assembly Convenes Today

Keep track of the bills and the progress made within the General Assembly through Richmond Sunlight as well as highlights and commentary through The Podium.

Bolognese Declares, 41st House District S.E. Set for March 2nd

Kerry Bolognese, who barely lost to Del.-turned-Sen.-elect Dave Marsden in November for Marsden's 41st House District Seat, will run again to fill the same House seat, as Marsden's win last night puts him in the State Senate.

No word on who the Dems will have run against Bolognese, but no real buzz seems to be surrounding any particular potential candidates, either. Given that Bolognese is fresh off of a strong campaign in the same district, he has to be considered the early favorite no matter who runs against him. Name recognition means a lot in these special elections.

Filing deadline is January 29th, the special election will be held March 2nd.

(h/t Bearing Drift)

Americans Split on Obama's 1st Year, View Him Less Favorably

Some interesting numbers that don't look good for "Barry from D.C."...

Quinnipiac Polls...
- Quinnipiac has a poll that states that Americans are split 45%-45% on whether or not Obama's first year was a failure.
- Another poll has voters nearly tied at 35%-37% on whether or not the country would've been better off with John McCain as President (I say we would've been better off, but not by a whole lot).
- Also, according to Quinnipiac, only 41% of Americans favor Obama's economic management, as well as only 34% favor his efforts to create jobs and 35% support his handling of health care.

CBS News Polls...
- CBS News polls show that only 36% of Americans favor Obama's handling of health care. Down from 42% in December and 47% in October.
- Obama's job approval rating hit a new low for CBS News polls, at 46%.

CNN/Opinion Research Polls...
- CNN/Opinion Research has Obama's health care handling favorability rating down to 40%, down from 42% in October and way down from 57% in March.
- Also, their polls reflected that Americans are 48%-47% in favor of labeling Obama's first year as a failure.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marsden, McWaters Win in Special Elections

Results are in from the State Board of Elections.

- In the 8th State Senate District (Virginia Beach, formerly held by Ken Stolle), Jeff McWaters stomped all over Bill Fleming by a margin of 79%-21%. Expected, though maybe not by this much (I figured a 65%-35% McWaters win).

- In the 37th State Senate District (Fairfax County, formerly held by AG-elect Ken Cuccinelli), Dave "I Swear I'll Stay in This Rented Room" Marsden defeated Steve "Ex-Gay" Hunt by the slim margin of 51%-49%, or 317 votes. Honestly, this was a very strange election, as the precinct map makes little sense if you know the make-up of the district and compare it to the voting trends within the district. Interestingly, there were very unappetizing aspects to both candidates.

This tips Virginia's State Senate to a 22-18 margin for the Democrats, as both seats were previously held by Republicans. However, if Gov-elect McDonnell still tabs Sen. Edd Houck for his administration (which would have previously tipped the Senate to the GOP as a 20-20 tie would be broken by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling), the margin may still tip back to only 21-19 in favor of the Dems.

This forces redistricting to be a bit more bipartisan than would have been expected with the GOP holding power in both houses of the General Assembly as well as the Governor's mansion.

Greatest. Debate Moment. Ever.

"It's the People's Seat"'

The Podium is even more satisfied with it's most recent endorsee.

If You Haven't Checked It Out...

...Tucker Carlson's new site, The Daily Caller, is quite an interesting place to go.

Carlson seems to have adopted more of a libertarian bent recently (has even come out in favor of gay marriage, apparently, which belies the "neocon" label attached to him). This makes him a bit more appealing to a guy like me, as I am someone who believes strongly in individual liberty.

Give it a look, though the site design is a bit off (needs some tidying up), I do get that "righty HuffPo" feel from it, lol.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weasel's Got a Facelift

Looks like while asking you to pay for government-run healthcare and helping to place more of a burden on future generations of your offspring, Senate Majority Leader Harry "The Weasel" Reid has decided to get his age wiped away.

How we've known Harry "The Weasel Who Speaks of Negroes" Reid...

The Weasel sheds his winter coat...

While he talks of the struggles of people who don't have health care and how it's the fault of everyone else, he's busy trying to take a few years off of his face. Pathetic.

Palin Signs to Fox News

In a move that will surely delight down-home conservatives and bring out infuriation and bitter sarcasm from liberals, Fox News has signed Sarah Palin to serve as a commentator and analyst (kind of like Juan Williams does now). She will also be part of a rotation of hosts for the new show "Real American Stories".

If Palin wants to show doubters that she has policy knowledge and intellectual muscle, this would be the place to do she will be able to provide a regular dose of her views and thoughts.

The anger and vitrol that will come from the left, and the replies from Palin defenders, will be VERY interesting (and probably amusing) to say the least.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Podium Endorsement!

Late to the party, but I'm endorsing Republican Scott Brown for Senate in Massachusetts.

Scott seems to be a real federalist, state's rights approach to many issues. He believes in a states rights approach for social issues like gay marriage (despite his own personal convictions...good!), and believes abortion is ultimately between a woman and her doctor, but opposes partial-birth abortion and favors parental notification for minors. These I can agree with.

Amusing, Riveting, Saddening, and Disgusting

The John Edwards affair in detail, from the upcoming book "Game Change" that has everyone talking.

The moral of that story is that neither John or Elizabeth Edwards can be described as "likeable", among other things.

Huge News from Massachussetts Senate Race

RWL at Virginia Virtucon and Mason Conservative have reported that Scott Brown has taken the lead from Martha Coakley in the special election to fill Ted Kennedy's U.S. Senate seat (well, it's a 1-point lead, but this is Massachusetts!). This is an amazing turn of events, and should grab the attention of the national GOP to really dive into this race and capitalize on an opportunity that they may not have known that they had.

Could this be the harbinger of a referendum against the Democratic Party come November of this year? If so, maybe the GOP has a real shot at making the Dem majority slim-to-none.

This also explains why lefty bloggers are now trying to change the Senate rules to reduce the number of votes necessary to invoke cloture...I think they know that their caucus is about to get smaller in less than 11 months.