Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hide The Decline, Redux

Apparently, the White House has now changed the rules for what constitutes stimulus success. Now, it seems, if your company received stimulus funds to cover payroll, that was a job "saved or created" as well. In fact, anything covered by stimulus funds, even if it was still a massive failure, is part of the stimulus "success" story.

Not surprisingly, after this latest revision of a revision of a bunch of errors that were made to revise the actual history of the stimulus's lack of success, the White House is now claiming that "The Stimulus Worked!" (In past tense, too, as if we're now in some kind of economic boom period).

One can only shake their head and chuckle...until they realize that people actually believe that there has been success due to the stimulus. Then you feel a deep sinking feeling that resonates throughout your body when you realize "some people won't see beyond the White House's claims of success, despite the obvious failures we've seen". Kinda sad, when you think about it.

(h/t Barticles)

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