Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something Funny For Ya...

(h/t THL)

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Ron Mexico said...

Don't you want to interrogate the prisoners, sir?" he squaled.

The Captain peered at him in bemusement.

"Why on Golgafrincham should I want to do that?" he asked.

"To get information out of the terrorist, sir! To find out why they came here!"

"Oh no, no, no," said the Obama. "I expect they just dropped in for a quick drink, don't you?"

"But they're my prisoners! I must interrogate them!"

Then Obama looked at them doubtfully.

"Oh all right," he said, "if you must. Ask them what they want to drink."

A hard cold gleam came into Number Two's eyes. He advanced slowly on Osama and Bin Laden.

"All right, you scum," he growled, "you vermin..." He jabbed Osama with the Kill-O-Zap gun.

"Steady on, Number Two," admonished Obama gently.

"What do you want to drink?!!" Number Two screamed.

"Well the ice Tea sounds very nice to me," said Osama. "What about you, Bin Laden?"

Arthur blinked.

"What? Oh, er, yes," he said.

"With ice or without?!" bellowed Number Two.

Oh, with, please," said Ford.


"Yes, please," said Osama, "and do you have any of those little biscuits? You know, the cheesey ones?"

"I'm asking the questions!!!!" howled Number Two, his body shaking with apoplectic fury.

--THHGTG-Which some slight changes