Saturday, November 1, 2008

Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction

If Obama wins, this blog will swing even more libertarian in nature.

I only disagree with certain LP subsects on a few issues, but those subsects are the most vocal subsect of the party. Considering I'm a conservative-leaning libertarian (or a libertarian-leaning conservative, depending on the issue and your own perspective), I'm going to have to take a harder line against a quasi-socialist, ultra-liberal Obama administration...should he win.

Palin to Obama: "Ship Happens"

Palin wearing the "Ship Happens" shirt at Shippensburg University, my almost alma-mater.

Mind you, she had already spoken to a crowd across the street in another, much larger building. This picture was taken in a building where the overflowing crowd was placed. They weren't supposed to get to see Sarah Palin, but Palin donned the "Ship Happens" shirt, walked across the street, and visited these people who came to see her...much to their surprise.
I used to love south-central PA...from Gettysburg to Lancaster, north to Harrisburg and back down through Chambersburg. These are some of my old stomping grounds, and they LOVE Sarah Palin. So do I.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Good Laugh

Roanoke Valley Republicans has an interesting twist on Obama's plan to redistribute wealth.

A Statement of Complete Honesty

From a comment in my most recent post, a quote from former NBA star Charles Barkley...

Poor people have been voting for Democrats for the last fifty years....and they are still poor.

Just think about it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PUMA-GOP Solidarity???

Apparently so, as I can see from this post at Hillbuzz...

Republicans, this is directed at you. Hillary’s Army remains strong, and committed to putting McCain/Palin in the White House. Do not listen to the media. Ignore the trolls. Corral your Eeyores and put them on the endangered species list. Because by our most conservative estimate, you’re going to get 4 million Hillocrats on your side next week, with roughly another 3 million Democrats who voted for Kerry staying home or throwing their votes to McKinney or Nader. That’s 7 million votes Obama has lost from lifelong Democrats — because we love this country more than Republicans have ever given us credit for.

This is the greatest nation on Earth and we Democrats never fail to wake each morning deeply thankful and grateful for the opportunities we have here. We know what socialism is, and know we want no part of this here. Obama’s mission is to weaken this country and put us under the thumb of the UN, like a European socialist state. That’s not what we want.

We will fight tooth and nail to stop him. We’ve sunk everything we have into this — because McCain/Palin are worth it. We believe they will serve this country well, and will work with our champ, the new lion of the Senate, Hillary Clinton, to make us energy independent, to secure good solid jobs for all Americans, and to strengthen and grow our economy in a world stressed and tried in these times.

We do not intend for this alliance to be of only this moment — we’ve worked alongside all of you for months now and see we all have more in common than we ever had apart. We will never agree on everything, but let’s all start with our love of country. Our pride in America. Our willingness to work hard together to give everyone opportunities — not hand outs. Europe calls Obama’s plans socialism. We call it welfare. Obama says this is change. We paraphrase the McCain campaign because, much to our initial surprise, Clinton Democrats find more in common with McCain/Palin than we do the socialists the current Democratic Party revealed itself to be.

So, all of us centrists stand strongly with you. Please work hard in every way you can this last week. Join us in Ohio if you can — or in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, or Virginia. Let’s make sure socialism is defeated once and for all.

We can do this together. If we work hard, we will win. And after our victory, we will work hard to find other commonalities going forward.

Of this, we promise you, our new friends.

Elephants and pumas together, now and going forward.


Obama, you may have a problem...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Even Hollywood Liberals Hate MSNBC

"MSNBC is 'the only network with more letters in it's name than actual viewers.'"

Article Here.

Three Strikes, and My Support of Mark Warner is Out

Mark Warner, the only Democrat I was endorsing for this election, has struck out with me.

I liked Warner. He's a pragmatic problem-solver for the most part, and I believe that successful businesspeople solve economic problems better than most politicians of a different career background. I also liked that he rubbed the DNC the wrong way by making a fairly bipartisan speech at a very blue lovefest in Denver because he wouldn't follow the party line and doctrine in slamming McCain and holding Obama up as a God amongst peasants.

However, he had some flaws with me that rubbed me the wrong way, and now he's hit that third strike that loses his endorsement from me.

Strike One: His lack of support for 2nd Amendment rights has always bothered me.
Strike Two: He supports the fairness doctrine, which would force many radio stations to drop any kind of a "talk" format because they would be forced to give liberal talk shows airtime, even though liberal talk shows garner next-to-nothing in the ratings.

And now...

Strike Three: He supports the "card-check" proposal, which would FORCE unionization amongst workers in all industries. My father was a unionized worker, but that was by choice. Everyone should have the choice to join a union, not be forced to do it. EVEN GEORGE-FREAKIN'-MCGOVERN IS AGAINST THIS, BUT WARNER IS FOR IT!!!

I think not. Mark Warner, you're OUT! These are 3 things I cannot truck with at one time.

Due to this, the Podium is rescinding it's endorsement of Mark Warner, and will now support Former Governor Jim Gilmore for the United States Senate, Virginia Delegation.

A Breakdown of Obama's Lies on Taxes

Done by a small business owner at the ARFCOM forums.

A brief synopsis...

Obama Tax Lie #1 - By letting the Bush tax cuts expire, this is a de facto tax increase for 100% of Americans, because 100% of Americans received a tax cut under George W. Bush.
Obama Tax Lie #2 - Obama plans to lift the inflation-adjusted cap on the Social Security tax in a manner that will impact anyone making up to $249,999.99 a year.
Obama Tax Lie #3 - Obama wants to increase the capital gains tax from 15% to 20%. He claims it is to get those "Wall Street fat cats", which is about 1% of the population...however, 50% of the population invests in the stock market. So for 50% of the population, this is a tax increase.
Obama Tax Lie #4 - Obama wants to increase taxes on big corporations. However, as this gentleman points out, corporations do not "pay taxes"...they simply collect the money from the customers and give it to the government. When Obama raises their taxes, the corporations will simply increase the price of what you're buying from them, which will cost you money.

The poster also has a tax table comparing your current tax liability as opposed to what it will be in 2010 with Obama letting the Bush tax cuts expire.

Compassion Is Not Socialism...

...but the forcible redistribution of someone else's wealth that they have earned, and the punishment of self-made success, IS socialism.

Period, end of story, it's part of the definition of socialism. C'mon lefties, let's call things for what they are.

GOP/McCain Volunteers Attacked by Obama Supporters in Galax

This is the lack of civil discourse and forcible attempts to shut down opposition that comes from the Obama side of this election.

We've seen it over and over again, and I while I once laughed off those who said that this was an omen of things to come in this country, I begin to second guess my confidence that democracy, free speech, and opposition to Obama will not be it's already starting to show.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Arrogance of Obama

Here's two new statements for you...

- Obama states that it's a tragedy that the Supreme Court does not pursue redistribution of wealth.

- Obama says the Constitution "reflected a fundamental flaw that continues to this day".

...ladies and gentlemen, I give you the arrogance of a socialist: Barack Obama in his own words.