Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Strikes, and My Support of Mark Warner is Out

Mark Warner, the only Democrat I was endorsing for this election, has struck out with me.

I liked Warner. He's a pragmatic problem-solver for the most part, and I believe that successful businesspeople solve economic problems better than most politicians of a different career background. I also liked that he rubbed the DNC the wrong way by making a fairly bipartisan speech at a very blue lovefest in Denver because he wouldn't follow the party line and doctrine in slamming McCain and holding Obama up as a God amongst peasants.

However, he had some flaws with me that rubbed me the wrong way, and now he's hit that third strike that loses his endorsement from me.

Strike One: His lack of support for 2nd Amendment rights has always bothered me.
Strike Two: He supports the fairness doctrine, which would force many radio stations to drop any kind of a "talk" format because they would be forced to give liberal talk shows airtime, even though liberal talk shows garner next-to-nothing in the ratings.

And now...

Strike Three: He supports the "card-check" proposal, which would FORCE unionization amongst workers in all industries. My father was a unionized worker, but that was by choice. Everyone should have the choice to join a union, not be forced to do it. EVEN GEORGE-FREAKIN'-MCGOVERN IS AGAINST THIS, BUT WARNER IS FOR IT!!!

I think not. Mark Warner, you're OUT! These are 3 things I cannot truck with at one time.

Due to this, the Podium is rescinding it's endorsement of Mark Warner, and will now support Former Governor Jim Gilmore for the United States Senate, Virginia Delegation.


Anonymous said...

I posted a comment earlier that hasn't cleared... I doublecheck with Warner's campaign to make sure- he doesn't support the Fairness Dcctrine , fyi.

And he does have an A rating from the NRA.

Phil Chroniger said...

I apologize for your earlier comments not posting, I deleted them by accident while removing a rash of spam and profane-filled comments.

Anyway, Warner received that A rating for not opposing measures that were put forth by a pro-gun, GOP-controlled General Assembly...not because he supports more freedoms for gun owners.

However, he's already stated that he believes gun owners do not represent what it means to be an American. Also, he supported the Clinton gun control laws when he ran against John Warner. He hasn't really changed his positions, he merely didn't fight the issue when it was politically disadvantageous to do so.

As far as the Fairness Doctrine goes, I'll have to provide my source for that information, but I caught his endorsement of the idea somewhere. I'll put up a link or a quote as soon as I get the chance to go look for one.