Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marsden, McWaters Win in Special Elections

Results are in from the State Board of Elections.

- In the 8th State Senate District (Virginia Beach, formerly held by Ken Stolle), Jeff McWaters stomped all over Bill Fleming by a margin of 79%-21%. Expected, though maybe not by this much (I figured a 65%-35% McWaters win).

- In the 37th State Senate District (Fairfax County, formerly held by AG-elect Ken Cuccinelli), Dave "I Swear I'll Stay in This Rented Room" Marsden defeated Steve "Ex-Gay" Hunt by the slim margin of 51%-49%, or 317 votes. Honestly, this was a very strange election, as the precinct map makes little sense if you know the make-up of the district and compare it to the voting trends within the district. Interestingly, there were very unappetizing aspects to both candidates.

This tips Virginia's State Senate to a 22-18 margin for the Democrats, as both seats were previously held by Republicans. However, if Gov-elect McDonnell still tabs Sen. Edd Houck for his administration (which would have previously tipped the Senate to the GOP as a 20-20 tie would be broken by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling), the margin may still tip back to only 21-19 in favor of the Dems.

This forces redistricting to be a bit more bipartisan than would have been expected with the GOP holding power in both houses of the General Assembly as well as the Governor's mansion.

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