Wednesday, January 13, 2010

C'mon Shenandoah County GOP, Keep Up!

The ShenCo GOP website hasn't been updated since before November's election! I know that the GOP is firmly the dominant party in the county, but let's keep this ball rolling!

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Anonymous said...


Frankly, you have ironically answered your own question. Why isn't the site being updated? Because there's a "why bother" mentality. The people of the county "vote the right way," so why bother being organized. I fought for three years on this to no avail.

There's a belief that the people are always going to vote GOP in every election. That's generally true. Problem is, nobody demands accountability from elected officials in the County. Indeed, to a certain degree they're coddled and protected. At every meeting we're expected to clap for their hard work. They do work hard, but the fact of the matter is that they're still elected officials and therefore open to criticism.

The issue with this mentality is that every once in a while the internal squabbling and inconsistency catches up with the board and people vote against the hypocrisy. Independents pop up. In 2009 this didn't produce much noise due to a split opposition in the 4th and a challenger that was just hard to see in public office.However, do note Patrick's victory in 03 and Baroncelli squeaking by.

However, nothing's really going to change as long as people just whine, whine, whine when something happens but don't really pay attention to the chain of events that keeps on emboldening the current board to be inconsistent in their fiscal views. There's a few people who pay attention, but frankly they have so little support that many have just given up and figure its more efficacious to support independents locally and the GOP statewide and nationally rather than to get the Committee to change and to fight in nomination fights. So far this strategy has had mixed to poor results. They're criticized constantly, but its not like the Committee didn't have anything to do with them coming to this

With party reorganization on the horizon and the future of the current chairman unclear, might there be change? Maybe, but the opposition has to be a bit more organized.