Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Following News Article is Brought to You by "Bad Parenting"

A Boston mother called the cops because she couldn't get her 14 year old son to stop playing Grand Theft Auto and go to bed. She also called because, at 2:30 AM, he decided to be defiant and turn on all the lights in the house. The cops apparently convinced the son to listen to his mother.

You don't need cops to convince your son to behave. What you need are parenting skills, the ability to pull the plug on the boy's gaming system and remove it from his room, and stiff resolve not to allow your punk 14 year old to walk all over you. However, if the kid was acting like this now, the parenting has to have been lacking in some form for a while, now.

This is why some believe that the nanny state is a good thing...because there are a select group of people who don't know how to raise their kids.


Prosper said...


I think everyone that has kids should instantly had them over the the state.

That way the everything is taken care of. Then at 18 you can have your spawn back rised to its fullest potention..

or "Five in the Eye"...Al Bundy

Phil said...

Phil Chroniger said...

He finally arrives.

Welcome to my corner of the web, Prosper...your insanity will be appreciated, I'm sure.

"Potention"? That's a new one on me...

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