Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh, No...He's Gone Quiet Again!

Once again, I've been pretty silent as of late. I'll tell you why...

- I'm moving at the beginning of March. No, I'm not going to Florida as I had alluded to many months ago. I'll be moving to New Market, VA. Simply relocating from one end of Shenandoah County to another. However, getting everything situation requires time and effort.

- My writing time is no longer solely dedicated to politics. I was recently hired to start writing a monthly opinion column that deals with a guilty pleasure of mine...pro wrestling. When the column is up and running (next month), I'll link my columns there for you wrestling fans.

- Busy times...when it comes to real life (i.e. away from the blogosphere) I work in the banking industry, so times are busy right now for many reasons.

I'm hoping that, as life stops getting in the way, I'll return to bringing you more of what comes to my mind, but for the time being, posting will be fairly sparse compared to months past.

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