Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today In History: The Seeds of The Podium are Sown

January 17, 1983

One day after the Washington Redskins secured NFC Championship by walloping the Dallas Cowboys 31-17 at RFK Stadium, we switch our attention a few miles north of the site of the historic win.

The place: Washington Adventist Hospital - Takoma Park, Maryland.

It's the coldest day of the year in the area. A Dutch-Irish firefighter and a Brazilian immigrant welcome into the world a healthy, happy baby boy.

This baby boy was born on the same day that events such as the Northridge Earthquake, the start of Operation Desert Storm, "Cold Sunday", and the debut of Popeye the Sailor Man.

This baby boy celebrates a birthday with many famous people.

- legendary gangster Al Capone
- actor Jim Carrey
- boxing great Muhammad Ali
- former Va. Governor and Mayor of Richmond, Doug Wilder
- actor James Earl Jones
- comedian Andy Kaufman
- guitarist Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones
- NBA superstar Dwayne Wade
- rock star Kid Rock
- rapper Lil Jon
- talk show host Maury Povich
- actress Betty White
- comedian Steve Harvey
- former Redskins and Cowboys Quarterback Eddie LeBaron
- Michelle Obama, wife of presidential candidate Barack Obama
- dancehall reggae star Shabba Ranks
- actress Zooey Deschanel
- cosmetologist Vidal Sassoon
- hockey star Jeremy Roenick
- Playboy and Reality TV star Andrea Lowell (Lowell even shares the same birth year)

However, this day should be remembered for one of the greatest moments of all mankind. One that symbolizes the anniversary of the day the world changed forever. The birth of the savior of sanity, the paragon of virtue, and the voice of reason.

Today is my Birthday. :)

Am I modest, or what? LOL. Happy Birthday to me!

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