Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Elementary School Principal in McLean Bans "Tag"

Good lord, this is what liberalism does to people.

Tag is the latest activity either banned or quietly dismissed in Fairfax County Schools. No more dodgeball, touch football, and now tag.

Why tag? Because a couple of kids were "tagging aggressively". Then you know what you do...YOU PUNISH THE OFFENDERS, NOT ALL OF THE KIDS. Next thing you know, all kids will spend their recess periods staring at the monkey bars for 15 minutes, then it'll be time to go inside and continue their indoctrination by taxpayer-funded public schools.

I love the comments that were left by readers in the Washington Post article online...a lot of angry readers. Glad to see common sense reigns supreme somewhere in the midst of all of this.

When it comes to calling people both senseless and spineless, I just want to go up to this principal and say "tag, you're it!"


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