Saturday, December 5, 2009

McWaters Nominated to Replace Ken Stolle

Apparently, it wasn't even close. Also, it doesn't appear that the Dems are going to even challenge this one. Considering that the Virginia Dems are focused on a much easier race (in theory) with the 37th District (and Stolle, a Republican, had a solid hold on this seat anyway), I can see why they would let it go in this particular special election.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

No Democratic candidate?

No Libertarian?

No Constitution Party candidate?

Not even a Green Party candidate?

No Independent?

All you need is 250 voter signatures filed by December 11, 2009 with the SBE.

The respective VB party chairmen of the aforementioned negligent parties should all be forced to resign. What a disgrace!

Out of all of the wonderfully talented and good men who live in the Beach area, none of these parties could find a single soul to be the voice of the working class against the fascist, xenophobic, Republican candidate.

During the Bush regime, the Republicans all but suspended the Constitution. Doesn't anyone remember? Or, were they too mesmerized by what was playing on the idiot box (TV) to notice or care about the Republic?

Phil Chroniger said...

I can agree with you on many levels regarding that. The fact that nobody seems to be putting up a fight is a bad sign for the other parties. This would actually be a dynamite chance for a 3rd Party to be able to be heard without being drowned out by one of the two major parties.

However, I can see the strategic reasons why the Dems are avoiding this race. They have easier chances in places like the 37th District.

As for the labels of "facist" and "xenophobic", I don't know about McWaters to hold those opinions.