Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boston Globe Calls Race for Coakley...8 Hours Before Polls Close!

Wishful thinking?

They had the race at 50%-49%-1% earlier today, with Coakley winning by about 21,000 votes. They have since taken the "results" down. Maybe it was a test page for posting the results later tonight, but if the "results" look like this come 10 or 11 pm tonight, we'll know that the fix is in.

Images from the Boston Globe website found at Virginia Virtucon. Good catch!


Anonymous said...

This page layout is awful

Spock said...

I think she might take it. If any reason because there are Dems running to the polls scared who might not have bothered voting before the latest polls.

And the layout of this page is just fine.

It does the job.

Phil Chroniger said...

I think it's entirely possible that Coakley could win, but she would do so in spite of herself.

I'm calling a toss-up right now, as the lack of exit polling just further muddles the situation, but neither one will win by more than 3-5 points.

And the page layout is better than anything else on blogger without being excessively boring.