Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ring The Alarm, Ignore Fact!

h/t The News Buckit.

On May 18, Dr. Timothy Husky gave a pre-commencement speech for Saint Louis University's newly created Center for Environmental Sciences. In his speech, he went "over-the-top" alarmist in his speech.

Some of the statements he made...

- The frog and reptile species are threatened (but then he admits he's not sure why)
- The "100 year floods" will soon happen every 5-10 years in Missouri. So far, it's been 14 years and counting since the last of the "100 year floods" in Missouri.
- Soon, the Gulf of Mexico will border southern Missouri
- He admits that current projections show a sea-levels "accelerating" to levels 3-4 feet higher than they are currently in 100 years (the U.N. report stated 17-23 inches, and that's the high-end estimate)...then he states that "some climate models" (the Al Gore variety) show tens or hundreds of feet water-level increases "within a lifetime".
- He mentions the damage caused by tsunamis during this diatribe, but fails to realize that global warming does not cause tsunamis...seismic activity does. DOLT!

Erik Curren's "Doomsday Scenario" wasn't even this bad. At least Curren stuck to his guns when he made his predictions.

And environmentalists wonder why many people don't heed their calls.

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