Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Hypocrisy of Dem Challengers in Virginia

Simply put, I'm tired of reading about Democratic challengers attacking their Republican opponent for sponsoring the abusive-driver fees. Why? Well, the God-like-figure-to-Virginia-Dems himself, Tim Kaine, not only supported this bill, he was the one who made it apply to Virginia drivers only!

I have yet to see one Democratic challenger publicly denounce Tim Kaine's support of this legislation, nor have I seen one of them return money raised by Tim Kaine's PAC or raised at any fundraiser that Kaine attended in protest of Kaine's support of these fees that they are supposedly outraged about.

If you want to point fingers, place blame, and act indignant...start looking at the top man in your party, and not just at your political opponent. Unfortunately, you won't see that happen, as Virginia Dems won't risk losing support from their biggest cash cow.

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