Monday, December 24, 2007

What Did I Tell You?

The "reverse migration" of illegal immigrants has already begun.

I was advocating this "solution by attrition" over at Daily Whackjob in a heated discussion I was having with others over illegal immigration. I stated that if you take away the jobs/handouts available to illegal immigrants, and that if you make them believe that we're going to actually get serious as a nation on immigration control, they'll start to leave on their own.

Now, the article admits that part of the reason is the slowdown of economic growth has some illegals worried that the number of jobs available are going to shrink. This, combined with states cracking down on employers of illegal aliens, does not make many places that were once safe havens for illegal immigrants very appealling anymore.

Want to know who else has stated this theory as part of the solution to the illegal immigrant problem? Fred Thompson, of course.


Carl Kilo said...

To bad Fred and your solution does nothing to address the real problem - Dope smugglers and terrorists. the problem is two fold my friend.

Phil Chroniger said...

That's where the fence and increased border patrol come into play. This is something Fred has also advocated, and I think it is a good idea as well.

I will agree with you, though, that Duncan Hunter has the strongest stance on building a border fence and strengthening border control, though. He's the expert on physical border control out of all of the candidates.