Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stupid Idea...No Matter How You Slice It

You know, if Barack Obama wins this election, it will be in spite of himself and his campaign.

All partisanship aside, it's pretty easy to see that Obama and/or his campaign leaders have committed some gaffes, mishandled questions and attacks, and have bungled other affairs.

There's already questions about his patriotism, they haven't exactly handled the Ayers/Rezko/Wright associations well, he's now being touted a socialist, he made the "57 states" comment, Biden can't keep his mouth shut, the whole overly-Hollywood presentation at his acceptance speech, and he was blasted earlier for not placing his hand over his heart during the National Anthem.

The latest a rally in New Hampshire, the Obama campaign scrapped the idea of having the National Anthem sung before the event. The reason? According to the article...

Not present, or at least not singing the National Anthem at the rally was Londonderry senior Zach Bencal.

Bencal, who sings the anthem for a number of school events and is actively involved in local community theatre, had been contacted by the Obama campaign to sing the anthem. He agreed to do so, then was told later in the evening the anthem had been scratched from the program. Bencal said he was told by the campaign the decision was a simple programming change to make room for another speaker."I guess it just wasn't meant to be," Bencal said.

Morons...don't these people, who are supposed to know how to create an image that the American people find appealing, know that you just don't do that! It sends a bad message, especially when the press picks these things up. It feeds upon the image that Obama is anti-American.

While I have dozens of reservations about Obama as a President, I've never questioned whether or not he loves his country. However, I do think that Obama and his campaign have shown a serious lack of judgment here, and those who do have reservations regarding Obama's patriotism have just been fed more doubts.

Now, this does feed my perception that Obama lacks good judgment, though...

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