Sunday, December 6, 2009

BCS Predictions

Well, despite the fact that they did not LOOK like they deserved it last night, I'm 100% sure it will be Texas facing Alabama for the national championship. Personally, I'd love to see TCU play Alabama, because I think they have an offense that would give the Crimson Tide some serious fits.

Brad Edwards at ESPN has the following BCS bowl predictions...

BCS Title Game: Texas vs. Alabama
Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oregon
Fiesta Bowl: TCU vs. Boise State
Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Iowa
Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Cincinatti

Can't really argue with those, and there are some very interesting matchups there. Texas/Alabama should be a classic game. Oregon would romp over a vastly overrated Ohio State team. TCU/Boise State and Florida/Cincy would feature a LOAD of offense in both games. GT/Iowa would feature Tech's powerful running game going against Iowa's stingy D. These would be intriguing matchups...though I'd actually like to see TCU take on Florida. That's the only change I would make in those bowl matchups.

Nonetheless, to have 5 unbeaten teams at the end of the year is INSANE! At the same time, it goes to show that good talent is obtainable for lesser-known universities (see Cincy, Boise State, TCU). Things should be interesting post-New Years Day.

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rakeback said...

I think its pointless to argue over which undefeated team is best instead of letting their play decide it on the field.
The BCS clearly only cares about making money, otherwise how do you explain that this is the only sport in div 1,2,or 3 that doesnt have a playoff system to determine its champion.