Tuesday, December 8, 2009


In what has to be the funniest use of the suffix "-gate" term ever used, we now have one of President Obama's czars (Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings) under fire for handing out "fisting kits" and offering such seminars as "Spit or Swallow: Is It Rude?" and fisting lessons to 14-21 year old kids.

Jennings was the head of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network), and GLSEN themselves (when confronted about the topics) had their own concerns about these things and confronted Jennings about it...who promptly dismissed the concerns (and GLSEN did nothing about it).

Now, I knew what all that stuff was when I was 14, and I understand the context "better be safe than sorry" and "kids should be educated about protection". I personally favor a comprehensive sexual education that teaches protection, knowledge, AND abstinence (of course, I think parents should be more involved in that kind of education, as well...but that's just me). However, I'm pretty sure that this isn't the type of thing that parents of any ideological bent want being promoted to kids and young adults.

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