Sunday, April 29, 2007

Broken Records

After hearing some of the speeches by the Democratic presidential hopefuls out in California, I ask myself "haven't I heard this before?" Will the Dems ever stick to their promise of focusing on all the issues, instead of pushing a single issue over, and over, and over, and over...

Personally, at this point, we know the spending bill that the Dems sent to Pres. Bush's desk will be vetoed. If the Dems attempt to continue to push this same bill, they will bog down Congressional activity with this, further hampering their image in the public eye...which is already suffering from a "lack of action" image, as seen in quite a few polls.

We need a compromise, and there is one floating out there right now. There is a proposed spending bill with the benchmarks that force Iraq's government to start taking more accountability in protecting it's own people (with no set timetable for withdraw) is the true spending bill that Congress should pursue sending to the President's desk. Should that bill reach the Oval Office, Bush should realize that this is probably as close to a clean bill as he is going to get from Congress, and sign that into action.

At least this way, we can allow General Petraeus a chance to carry out this new troop surge and battle plan that has begun to turn the tide. What you don't hear in the media is that there is less sectarian fighting this year (pretty much since the troop surge began) than in the previous years of this war.

Something for you people to mull over...

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