Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Virginia Beach Police Change Immigration Questioning Policy

Looks like they finally got it right.

"Under the new policy, Jacocks said, anyone who is placed under arrest will be asked about his or her citizenship and then, if the person is in the country illegally, police will notify a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) agent. Previously in Virginia Beach, people arrested for minor offenses were not questioned about citizenship."

Of course, Chief Jacocks had to take his shots to make himself feel better...

"Asked about O'Reilly at the press conference on Tuesday, Jacocks said: 'I think he's a pathetic person, short on manners and large of mouth, whose inability to do anything constructive for anyone has relegated him to sitting on his duff and spewing insults and half-truths on a tabloid TV show.'"

Sour grapes, anyone?

Jacocks should realize that he's been attempting to play the "nobody would've cared if it wasn't an illegal immigrant" card. What Jacocks didn't realize is that the incident itself (a drunk-driving accident) opened up a completely different topic (allowing illegal immigrants to repeatedly break the law without even questioning their status).

He also stuck his foot in his mouth last month when he said, “Not only do we not have the capacity to do the federal government’s work in the area of immigration, but we have no business doing so.” Not realizing that being in this country illegally is the law...and it is his organization's duty to uphold the law.

He should've just kept his mouth shut.

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