Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No "Peace" In Greenpeace

I find it amazing that so many environmentalists can leave the vulgar, obscene comments they have left in regards to Glenn Beck and others who have brought up the fact that Al Gore is a much bigger contributor to Global Warming than you and I are.

20X more than you and I, to be exact.

Click here for an article on Gore's "Carbon Footprint".

Environmentalists (who tend to promote themselves as peaceful, among other things) then retort with obscenity-laced tirades in their blogs and letters sent to those who bring up the matter. It's as if there is no such thing as "other side of the issue" with these people.

But it's OK that Al "Captain Planet" Gore contributes more, because he's a celebrity...right? Just like the rest of the Hollywood elite...who drive Priuses and use 1 square of toilet paper...then fly in personal jets for 3-4 hour trips, and contribute as much pollution in one 3-hour flight as a Prius does in 30,000 miles of continuous driving.

For these lefty's, the stats don't long as they're promoting an anti-Bush platform.

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