Friday, April 27, 2007

Jim Webb proves 49% of Virginians Were Correct!

Respect is to be given to Virginia Virtucon and Right-Wing Liberal for their coverage of this tidbit of news.

When asked why he voted for the timetable to get out of Iraq, after being opposed to such a timetable during his campaign, Jim Webb let loose with this whopper of a statement...

"There will be very little motivation for al-Qaeda to continue in Iraq once we have left."


So the man sits on a certain position, because he knows it will play to the moderates in his home state. He then blatantly turns around and votes against the position he was sitting upon for all those months during the summer and fall of 2006. He then justifies his flip-flop with one of the most ludicrious statements of the year, if not the decade. This is lunacy of Harry Reid proportions.

C'mon Jim, you may have been "born fightin'", but you're "livin' in lockstep" with your party.


Catzmaw said...

What flip-flop do you see here? Here's the entire quote: Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., a Vietnam veteran and former secretary of the Navy, said that al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden wasn't in Iraq and that his extreme Islamist network had opposed Saddam Hussein's secular regime.

"There will be very little motivation for al-Qaida to continue in Iraq once we have left," Webb said. "Not only that but the Iraqis themselves are quite capable of standing up to al-Qaida without our help. They don't want al-Qaida in Iraq." ... "The question becomes, defeat by whom? Surrender to whom?" Webb said. "We won this war four years ago. The question is when we end the occupation."

So again, where's the flip-flop? Webb has consistently pointed out that this invasion and occupation have no endpoint and no articulated goal beside the ephemeral "victory" advocated by Bush, who can't define it for us.

Phil Chroniger said...

Webb's comments were to justify his change in stance from opposing a timetable for troop withdrawl, to voting for the troop withdrawl.

Webb even said that those who backed a withdrawl did not know anything about war.

That's a flip-flop.

J. Scott said...

For somewho who has been portrayed as having a great grasp on foriegn policy matters and history for that matter this is disappointing. Webb fails like most to his far left in his Party that Americans are used as the excuse in Iraq and the battle remains the civil war between Shia and Sunni. Al Queda will hit the mosques and add fuel to the sectarian violence and lead Iraq to Civil War regardless of our presence. Not to understand this is not to understand the Islamic forces in the region and to under estimate Irans role. If Webb truly believe the "war" is over then de-authorize the War Powers Act in the Senate , cut off the aid and bring the boys home and end what he calls the "occupation". It was not the Congress intention to authorize an "occupation" so why does not Webb move towards cutting off all funding..could it be because he worries Bush would still keep them all there including his son? The only politcal will these folks have to to spend time on non-binding resolutions when they ahve the pwer of the Congress to end this now.

Howling Latina said...

You're kidding, right?!?

Jim Webb ran on an anti-war platform. It was Bubba-Stay-the-Course- Allen that supported the war.

Webb had the foresight to be against invading a sovereign nation, from the get-go. For that alone, he gets a pass for EVERYTHING!

Oh, and by the bye, can you link to Webb's quote about not wanting to set time tables?!? You know, just in case like most everything right batwings claim, it just ain't so...

Howling Latina said...

Never mind, I went to my good friend Lexis/Nexis, and here's the quote:

"I don't think that artificial timelines emanating from Congress is a workable solution."

Hmmm, "I don't think" sure doesn't sound like a definitive "never."

After six years of disastrous policies by an idiot who refuses to allow reality to interfere with his mindset, it's a breath of fresh air to see legislators like Webb be open minded enough to change with events.

Phil Chroniger said...

Howling Latina:

Ask and you shall receive.

"Anyone who tells you we can set a timetable for withdrawal doesn’t understand war,” he says. “And anyone who says that nothing can be done to speed a secure peace doesn’t understand America." - Jim Webb, Time Magazine, 9/24/2006

Here's a link to the Time Magazine article, in case you don't believe me.,9565,1538595,00.html

Webb did not run on a strict anti-War platform. He ran against a anti-permanent presence platform. In his Sept. 17 debate on "Meet The Press", Webb even stated that the U.S. has a commitment to make sure Iraq was stable before we could withdraw.

So, as I said before, Webb is flip-flopping on this issue. He hasn't brought anything new to the table, he's just marching in party lockstep...which is exactly what Webb and other Dems accused George Allen of doing.