Friday, April 27, 2007

Maxine Roles on Republitarian

For those of us who live in the 26th Senate District of Virginia, a big "kudos" to Myron over at Republitarian held a forum for people ask questions for Democratic candidate Maxine Roles to answer.

Although the forum is closed, you can access the questions and answers here.

I didn't ask any questions, but I did read the answers Roles gave. She was brave enough to face the public's questions...but didn't seem to offer anything concrete, nor did she elaborate on her differences with the incumbent, Sen. Obenshain. She did dodge a few legitimate questions completely, such as whether she voted for or against the gay marriage amendment.

Kudos to Roles for stepping up and taking advantage of the opportunity presented to her. However, as of right now, Obenshain still has my vote.

If you're in the 26th District, go to the link above and decide for yourself! Goodnight, everybody.


Apparently, according to Whackette, the forum is an open forum, and not a live one as I thought it was. So go ask more questions if you'd like, although many good questions were asked.


whackette said...

I'm not sure what you mean by the forum being closed, but if there was something you wanted to ask go ahead and ask it. I don't think the Q&A was limited to one day.

Phil Chroniger said...

I thought it was limited to one day, as there was no real clarification on that part of the event.

whackette said...

It's more of what Republitarian calls an "open blog" rather than a "live blog". There are some questions that have not been answered yet and Republitarian has thanked Maxine for participating and expressed his hope that she would answer the remaining questions.

Where are you in the 26th district? I guess we are practically neighbors.

Phil Chroniger said...

Maybe we are, maybe we aren't neighbors.

I'm waaay up in Strasburg.

whackette said...

We're down in Dayton.

Phil Chroniger said...

Would it amuse you to know I used to work at Harrisonburg Honda, just a stone's throw away from Dayton (at least it seemed that way during test drives).

whackette said...

That's a long way to drive to get to work.

Phil Chroniger said...

Well, I lived in Woodstock at the was about 3 years ago.

Still, yes, a long drive nonetheless.