Friday, October 26, 2007

Foul Racial Language?

Ben Tribbett is trippin'.

During my absence, I noticed that The Podium was listed on NLS as a "Silver Blog". I thought that was a nice gesture, especially considering we don't agree on much at all.

However, I moused over the link today at the suggestion of another blog reader...and lo and behold, here's Ben Tribbett's description of my blog.

"Conservative from the Valley. Uses foul racial language but usually only against his race."

Excuse me? Where on my blog do I use "foul racial language" at all? Unless I'm talking about the topic of the word in some form, I don't. Sure, I'm part of the running joke at Daily Whackjob that I'm the resident "beaner", but about completely downplaying anything about the topics I talk about or the quality of my work. Hopefully, Ben is simply playing off the joke at DWJ.

Not to mention, that's how rumors and mudslinging gets started.

I believe I've always done a good job of trying to be civil, and I've long held the standard that by keeping language on this blog decent and mostly keeps up a higher standard of civil discourse.

Agree with me if you do. Disagree with me if you desire. Challenge me on my opinions if you wish. Correct my facts if you must. However, I simply will not stand for being depicted as some kind of self-loathing bigot.

Plus, I'm multi-racial. Not only am I part-Brazilian, I'm also 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Dutch. I'm proud of all of my backgrounds.

Ben, from one pundit to another, I respectfully request you change your description of me and my blog.


Whackette said...

Phil, you tulip growing, potato eating beaner, don't question the mighty Tribbett.

Phil Chroniger said...

Hey...I love corned beef and potatoes!