Friday, October 26, 2007

A Slow Burn to the Return

Election day is almost upon us.

I can't sit silent anymore and attempt to go on with my life. Even if I end up in Pensacola, Florida (home of the popular Republican governor and all-around decent guy Charlie Crist, if I have read correctly) by the end of January, I can't be quiet any longer. It's been eating at me!

While I have some discontent and ill feelings towards certain members of the GOP right now, the general left has been driving me nuts. The Democrats in Virginia have been, as Chris Graham put it so well, attempting to "run out the clock in the 4th quarter". Actually, that's been their entire campaign strategy.

Instead of pushing out ideas and/or proposed initiatives to solve Virginia's problems, they have been simply saying "Vote for us because we're not them", and point at Republicans.

At least the GOP, agree with them or not, have been trying to be constructive and provide their possible solutions to the issues facing our state today.

Let me give you an example. Maxine Hope Roles is running against Podium-endorsed incumbent Mark Obenshain in the 26th Senate district. Her web campaign ad is supposed to provide you with an idea on her beliefs. These stances include one statement in particular...
  • "Local autonomy where it makes sense."
By whose definition? Hers or mine. Her website doesn't really provide any further defintion. What is her definition of "where it makes sense"? Given her party affiliation, I already prefer my definition, which is allowing towns/cities/counties to take care of themselves to their best capacity on a day-to-day basis. Let the state legislature sort out social issues and major pieces of legislation (such as transportation funding and so forth).

However, that's not even a really big issue in terms of "Virginia as she stands at this moment". The big issue I have with this election is with the voters. The fact is, many of you are looking to vote for candidates from a party that is really lacking true ideas and definite platforms for improving our state.

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