Saturday, November 3, 2007

Things Are Quiet, Almost Too Quiet

Now that I'm done ranting about the De-Americanization of a Real American Hero, allow me to pass along the fact that things have really quieted down in the past 2-3 days in terms of election buzz.

Heck, you would think that the blogosphere would be as busy and buzzing with news, information, and commentary as ever. Is it lack of anything new? Could it be the calm before the Monday and Tuesday storm of propaganda? Is everyone simply fatigued after months of campaigning and punditry? Why is it so quiet out there all of a sudden?


The Richmond Democrat said...

Is this your first election as a blogger Phil?

It's ground game time: people are knocking on doors, dropping lit, putting out yard signs, and phone banking (when they aren't at rallies).

It always gets a little quiet about this time. Plus, this is first General Assembly only election since the blogosphere really "gelled." In 2003 the Virginia political blogosphere as we know it did not exist.

This year has seen its share of innovations as well,so we aren't even the same blogosphere as we were last year.

Phil Chroniger said...

This is my first GA-only election while cruising the blogs. I remember last year, with the Allen/Webb race going on, the house seats up for grabs, and the impending national Democratic Party wave...things were far from quiet. Then again, there was less of a feeling of local importance than a GA election.

I figured there might be enough bloggers in non-competitive districts (like me) to keep up a sustained "volume level", so to speak :)

This is my first election as a full-on blogger. My Weekly Podium columns started at this time last year at The Augusta Free Press, and later The New Dominion.

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