Saturday, January 5, 2008

Debates Tonight, Redskins in 10 Minutes!

Be sure to tune in to NBC at 4:30 to watch the Washington Redskins stomp the Seattle Seahawks. If you're at work, you can follow the game via the live coverage from ESPN on your computer.

Also, remember that there will be debates for both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party tonight starting at 7 pm on ABC. If the Skins game doesn't go into OT, that's going to be over 7 hours of football and politics.

All I need is a 6-pack, and I'll be set for the evening!


Shaun Kenney said...

Does life get any better? :)

Phil Chroniger said...

It would if the Skins weren't losing 10-0 at the moment...grrrr.