Wednesday, January 2, 2008

RWL: Making the Case Clearer on Marshall vs. Gilmore

In response to my post that was attempting to weigh the differences between Jim Gilmore and Bob Marshall for Senate, D.J. McGuire made his own post to provide some perspective and make the case for Marshall...and to reassure me on a few issues with regards to Marshall.

Greg B. over at Whackjob will hate me for this (lol), but Marshall is definitely appearing to be the better pick overall.

Whats interesting is that, given his generally anti-tax and socially conservative viewpoints, Spank That Donkey hasn't come out in favor of Jim Gilmore...and actually threw a bit of criticism my way for leaning towards Marshall.

D.J. and Shaun Kenney have made very good cases for Bob Marshall, and that is why I'm definitely leaning towards Marshall. I'm waiting for someone to make the argument for Gilmore, but it doesn't seem like anyone has really given me an argument beyond "he was Governor and won votes in NoVa."

If someone can make a convincing argument for Gilmore, I would be open to listen to it. However, the more I hear about Marshall beyond the Marriage Amendment (my one source of disagreement with Marshall), the more I like him.


Spank That Donkey said...

I don't understand "that I haven't come out in favor of Gilmore"?

You have me a little confused on that one...

Phil Chroniger said...

Given that A) you made the crack that I'm leaning towards Marshall because "Daily Whackjob thinks he is an easier opponent for Warner", to paraphrase your comment.

I found it funny that you would say that. Actually, favoring Marshall puts me at odds with some of the people at DWJ (Greg mostly) because of the Marriage Amendment.

And B) you just left a comment on another Gilmore/Marshall post of mine that espoused the reasons why one should vote for Gilmore.

There's two points right there as to why it at least "appears" that you have come out in favor of Gilmore.