Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Far From a Mandate, Remember That...

Democrats, don't get too overjoyed. A 2% win with everything going in your favor does not mean a "mandate for change", it means you slipped through the cracks and won in spite of yourselves.

America, brace yourselves. Welcome to the land of mediocracy, forced attempts at one-party rule, and the end of your ability to freely pursue happiness...because your ability to pursue life, liberty, and happiness will be redistributed to those who lack the impetus to pursue it themselves.

Congratulations, you have now earned yourselves 4 years to screw things up beyond recognition.

Welcome to a land where the majority of black voters can vote for Obama because of his race, and it's OK...but if you're white and you supported McCain, you were a racist and a bigot. Welcome to a land where the economy will not grow at all. Welcome to the end of blue collar work. Welcome to 4 years of nothing productive. Welcome to the end of the ability to defend yourself. Welcome to the end of the optimistic, bipartisan spirit of the Reagan-Clinton era. Welcome to the statist supermajority.

However, while you Democrats get drunk on power, you will turn a blind eye. You will forget that the American public can only stay fooled for so long. Meanwhile, true conservatives, libertarians, and moderates will be working hard behind the scenes to bring America back to where it should be. Back to her principles. Back to our Constitutional basis. Back to the ideals of individual liberty.

Enjoy your victory tonight, because all you are doing is setting the groundwork for the return of true American, democratic (small d), capitalist, freedom-based ideals.

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