Saturday, November 8, 2008

No Humility in Victory, No Graciousness in Defeat

Just like we saw a total and complete lack of graciousness from the left in 2004 when John Kerry lost, I'm now starting to see a complete lack of humility in victory amongst Democratic supporters.

There's the continued attacks on McCain and Palin, the hate-filled speech towards Republicans as if we were early in primary season, the "seance" comments by Barack Obama towards Nancy Reagan (which actually better apply to Hillary Clinton, but is still a misnomer of a term).

Tonight, we have another good wife (who has a McCain/Palin bumper sticker) was harrassed for several miles on I-81 by a couple of college-aged kids holding up handwritten signs that said things like "Ha Ha You Lost!!" and "McCain Sucks".

Pathetic. No humility or decorum in victory at all.

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