Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Waldo/Kilo Dust-Up

Now that things are starting to simmer down a bit between Waldo and Kilo, I'm going to provide some thoughts on this whole issue.

Let me start with Waldo. Now, Waldo is someone who kinda plays on both sides of the ethical fence, in my opinion. Sometimes he can be a nice guy who likes good debate and banter. Other times, he can get a little self-righteous and indignant over nothing and do something that infuriates many. Due to his status as one of the "elder statesmen" of Virginia political blogging, people on both sides of the great ideological divide come to his defense (although, there is a majority of Democrats in that bunch).

Carl Kilo is someone else who plays both sides of the ethical fence. While he was one of the reviled Bloggers4Sayre, I also found him to be more of a "voice of reason" compared to a few of the other really vocal members of that group. However, sometimes the origin of some incidents point to Kilo, even if it is circumstantial. For instance, a couple of anonymous comments that were anti-Fred Thompson and contained some invalid statements and a sprinkle of foul language. Almost immediately after these comments were posted, a vote was cast for Duncan Hunter on the presidential poll. Kilo is a pro-Hunter blogger.

Whether or not Kilo actually made the posts, I don't know (I didn't get the IP addresses due to this being blogspot and all). However, it is an interesting coincidence.

Kilo claims that he is not the only person on his IP address, and that he lives in some form of a his internet access is shared by multiple users. While it does sound like a convenient excuse, and nothing more...I'm not going to say that Kilo is making this up. He wouldn't be the first person I know to have these kinds of living conditions.

If Waldo is lying, shame on him for trying to deceive people into being "anti-Kilo". If Kilo is lying, shame on him for trying to avoid responsibility for his comments. If neither one of them is lying, shame all us (including me) for getting involved. :)

Just thought I'd pass my two cents on this...


kilo said...

I am amazed you even noticed this rift. I want to address a few issues about your post.
“Carl Kilo is someone else who plays both sides of the ethical fence”
I like that, but lets be clear Phil, I have never made any “I'm ethical” claims to my style of blogging. I never jumped on the ethical blogging bandwagon that Waldo and Sorenson pushed. I don't spread rumors, break stories, and I link to articles I blog about. While I do generally support the GOP, I am not a member. I have never sent a political party a contribution. I have contributed to candidates. I have voted for a Democrat before and I may in the future. My policy is well known. I don't write anything on my blog that I would talk about in the Wal Mart parking lot we if met. That is as ethical as I get.

“Kilo claims that he is not the only person on his IP address, and that he lives in some form of a commune”
My exact statement was that Spark It Up HQ is like a commune. I am not alone often as family and friends stay all the time. I took a moment to count before writing this and I can say over 20 people have stayed at least a week or more at HQ this year. As I think back over the years there have been a host of people here, even when I was working away from home or living in Chicago. My house is very popular and has been since 1980. Need a place to stay? Kilo is here, but there is painting, mowing, weedeating, gardening to do in return.
I have never met you Phil, but those who have know I would have claimed that comment in a heartbeat if I had penned it. Waldo and I view things differently. He thinks you are never anonymous on the Internet. I say the Internet is the most anonymous place in the world. Ip addresses do not prove authorship. You don't know if this is really Kilo typing. Is Carl Kilo really Kilo? Is Alton Foley really Alton Foley? Me and some other bloggers have discussed this at length. In the blogosphere who really knows who is really writing what. There is no SS number attached, no editor to submit to. I read people for their talent, not their name.
Waldo first said I wrote the comment. Then he changed it to it came from my system. Then he said I knew who made the comment.....Now we are getting to the point-Waldo and his fans wanting me to out who made the comment. The only facts in this rift is I have commented from that IP address before. I never denied that. Is that my system? Was I at home? At work? Sitting in a bar? At a friends? Where am I now? Waldo took it upon himself to assign ownership to that comment made by Teddy. He was wrong and in my opinion unethical. If he wanted to say Kilo has commented from this ip before, I have no problem with that. Instead Waldo lied and forged my name to the comment. That is wrong no matter how you look at it.
My creditability has never been questioned. Waldo's on the other hand....

kilo said...

Oh...Thank you for letting me post.

Spank That Donkey said...

reviled? Maybe by DWJ and crew...

Mad Hatter said...

hehe... communes just have funny connotations

Phil Chroniger said...

Kilo, I'm glad you commented on this post. I was hoping at least one of you two would post a comment. While you and I may disagree on some issues (despite both being conservatives without a party affiliation), I'll always state that you are pretty reasoned in your approach to your arguments.

I'm also glad you understand that my observations are based on reading your blog and various comments across the spectrum of political blogs in our state. Some people would take any non-supportive statements about them as attacks.

"I don't write anything on my blog that I would talk about in the Wal Mart parking lot we if met."

Not many people would want it any other way. I certainly do appreciate that kind of honestly, as do most people (I would hope).

I know that you, and many others (namely the CASTLE bloggers) have had serious issues with Waldo in the past. One day, I'll have to get a neutral POV on that infamous incident...I've only heard slants from both sides of the story. It seems like one of those stories that would explain a lot of the so-called "alliances" within the blogosphere.

Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to clarify some points for me. I really do appreciate it.