Friday, November 30, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Hostages Taken at Hillary's Clinton's Campaign HQ in New Hampshire

This is NOT a joke.

A man has strapped a bomb to his chest, taken two hostages at Hillary's New Hampshire HQ in Rochester, and states that he wants to speak with Hillary Clinton herself.

Barack Obama's Campaign offices, just 4 doors down from Hillary's, have been evacuated as well.



-According to the front page at Fox News, the man has released the two hostages.

- In a show of bitter and disgusting partisanship, liberals over at NLS are posting that basically stating that this nutjob is obviously a Republican, because Republicans "have only anger and fear", and that only Republicans have histories of mental instability. Meanwhile, some Republicans believe this was a staged event to gain sympathy for Hillary. Both sides should be ashamed to put their partisanship above the safety of these people.

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