Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Horticulture at Last Night's GOP Debate

Michelle Malkin uncovers the plants in the YouTube questions. I have to laugh, because the abortion-question from "Journey" made me jump up and say "you're definitely a Democrat"...turns out she's a rabid John Edwards supporter.

Someone remind me, wasn't it the Democrats who claimed to be more ethical and clean in their campaign methods and their politics?


zen said...

I'm confused. If the question has substance and is of concern to the people of America, what does it matter who asks it?

Has anyone researched the softball questions that were asked last night? "What guns do you own?" Get real. Is that a planted question? And how the hell does that matter to the majority of voters?

Phil Chroniger said...

The problem is that CNN did not do any research on these people. Usually, if someone is a declared supporter, or a key part of an organization that supports another candidate (especially from another party), it's pretty well established that, in debate format, that person's affiliation is identified so for transparency's sake, if nothing else. Plus, the questions that are "in question" were blatant attempts at "gotcha" questions...and I think that the candidates handled them well.

I think more people own guns than get abortions, zen. Hence the reason that questions that define the candidate's character on guns means something to those voters.

Also, was it right that Hillary's plant got to ask a question, and then debate the candidates? None of the other people who asked questions via YouTube got the opportunity to not only ask a question, but be given the chance to debate and degrade the candidates on stage.