Monday, November 26, 2007

Candidate Analysis: Mitt Romney

Candidate: Mitt Romney
Party: Republican
Political Background: Former Governor of Massachusetts
Campaign Website:

GOP Appeal: Has great "communication" skills, socially and fiscally conservative, free trade advocate, strong anti-illegal alien stance, proposes solutions to national problems in ways that are more conservative than the solutions proposed to the state of Massachusetts while governor.

Cross-Party Appeal To Dems: Has good environmental record, record of health-care reform, record of boosting women and minorities in the workplace. Balanced Mass budget as Governor, which was facing a $1.2 billion deficit when he took office. Popular governor in heavily Democratic state.

Cons: Comes across almost too slick and polished, Has changed position on multiple issues over time. Has a small, built-in opposition due to his Mormon faith.

My Personal Thoughts: Mitt Romney is currently battling for 3rd place in my own mind. His position changes have come as time has gone on...and he explains it well as "personal growth". I can believe that. However, I'm not convinced that he may not experience "personal growth" again, but this time to the detriment of America.

Then again, the ideas he has laid out are excellent (at least in theory), and are much more conservative than the ideas on these same issues when he was Governor of Massachusetts. It makes sense that he adopted more centrist/liberal positions as chief executive of one of the "bluest" states in the nation. He was a pretty popular governor in a place that does not take kindly at all to Republicans, so that says something.

Also, I believe Romney is VERY capable of simply getting things done. His background in the business world is exceptional and I think the man is more focused on pointing America in the right direction economically and keeping our nation safe and secure.

Romney's plans are fairly sound, I'm just not completely sold that the positions he holds now are the positions he will continue to hold in the future. If he can sell me on that, and he wins the nomination, I will have no qualms about voting for him.

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