Friday, January 11, 2008

An Anti-Huckabee Evangelical...?

This comment from the South Carolina Debate thread at Michelle Malkin caught my eye. Unlike much of the thread, she doesn't praise Fred Thompson (although she espouses some love for him at the end, she is a Mitt Romney supporter, first), but this person, whose handle is "RealImmigrantChick", brings up some interesting points in her comment...

I am an evangelical and I will NEVER vote for the Huckster. I will also not vote for McCaine. I would rather sit it out in 2008 if either of these guys is our nominee. Why do so many Christians (I am sorry if I offend my brethren) fall for someone just cause they can quote the Bible? Look at his fruit: 1) misplaced compassion for the criminals, not the victims; 2) misplaced compassion for the illegals, not legal immigrants and citizens whose wages have plummeted cause of illegals; 3) raising taxes for social programs and big government (the Bible leaves good works to us, as Christians, not government. It also says, those who do not work, should not eat (St. Paul)- i.e., no welfare, etc., and Huckster sounds like a goverment services type of guy). No way to him or McCaine. I will hold my breath with Rudy, since he is a bit more bearable, but never these 2. I like Mitt. I believe his change on abortion. I have chaned my position too, I used to be pro-choice, now I am vehimently against it. So, his change does not bother me, I APPLAUD IT!!!!! More people should since that is what we want, changed hearts on this issue. I love Fred also.

A lot to digest, there, but I found it to be rather interesting. An anti-Huckabee evangelical...could we be seeing a bit of a backlash?

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