Friday, January 11, 2008

U.S. At Risk of Losing Triple-A Credit Rating Within a Decade

And guess why? It's the fact that our government is spending way to much on health care, social security, and welfare.

These are the programs the Democrats are looking to spend more money on. This is also some of Fred Thompson's best issues in terms of how we should tackle these problems.

- Create a free-market approach towards health care.
- Individualize and optionally-privatize social security.
- Increase welfare effectiveness so only those that need it get it.
- Decrease number of people on welfare through stimulating economic and employment growth.

That, in itself, would save our credit rating...which is the same rating we have held since the rating was first applied in 1917. In other words, can literally cannot afford to have a tax-and-spend, social-program increasing Democrat in office.

Fiscal prudence is key, and Fred Thompson knows it.

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