Wednesday, January 9, 2008

N.H. Exit Polls: McCain Carries Anti-War Republican Vote...Huh?

I kid you not, this is straight from CNN's exit polling in New Hampshire...

Exit polls found 64 percent of Tuesday's Republican voters still support the conflict -- and Romney, whose criticism of Bush's management of the war has been muted, led McCain among those voters. But among the 34 percent who said they disapproved of the war, McCain had a wide advantage over the GOP field -- even over Texas Rep. Ron Paul, the sole advocate of a U.S. withdrawal in the Republican field.

A big h/t to The Campaign Spot for that link and the quote, but there's more strange happenings in New Hampshire. For instance, the evangelical vote...

Compared with the Iowa caucuses, where 60 percent of Republicans described themselves as evangelicals, exit polls in New Hampshire put evangelical turnout at about 21 percent.

Among those evangelical voters, Huckabee got only 32 percent, while McCain got 31 percent.

There is also a lot of "Bush hate" in the state...

Almost two-thirds of Democrats polled (65 percent) said they were "angry" with the Bush administration. And almost half of Republicans, (49 percent) said they were angry or dissatisfied with the Bush administration.

I imagine New Hampshire Republicans are mad, New Hampshire was the state that tried to get McCain elected in 2000. I guess they feel a bit mad that the rest of the nation didn't quite go along with them. As for the angry Democrats...well, they're always angry. What else can you say?

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