Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1+1+1+1+...When Does It Finally Get Added Together?

You know, all politicians have skeletons in their closet. It's natural, because they are human. However, how many skeletons can be piled up in that closet before the lock breaks and the door bursts wide open?

For instance, let's look at some of Senator Obama's past and present associations...

- Bill Ayers: Obama claims to have known nothing about Ayers's ideology, and attempts to put Ayers ideology as something of the past. However, Ayers still holds this ideology, as he has expressed in many interviews. Ayers claims to be a semi-Anarchist and a semi-Marxist. That would be fine, if it wasn't for the fact that Ayers found Obama to be such a fit candidate as to hold fundraisers for him and kick off his first political campaign from his own house. Why would Ayers do that if he didn't think Obama lined up with at least some of his core beliefs?

By the way...Bill Ayers was a community organizer, too.

- Tony Rezko: Not as big of an issue, but the guy is shady as hell, and we know he gave Obama a sweetheart land deal and donated to his campaign. Was Obama cashing in for favors done?

- Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Honestly, we are supposed to believe that a man that Obama claimed was his spiritual advisor, was his pastor for 20 years, and even served a role on Obama's campaign had anti-American views...and Obama never knew of them? C'mon, now...let's get serious. I would've bought the idea that Obama knew of the ideas, but did not subscribe to them...but to say he never heard Wright preach about them or even espouse them in private conversations? You're kidding me.

- Franklin Raines: Former CEO of Fannie Mae, top donor to Obama, and someone who has had Obama's ear when it comes to economic and housing matters. While there is no official connection, or anything deep, he has given Obama money and advice. This from a man who made a fortune as the head of Fannie Mae, and immediately resigned when Fannie Mae was being investigated for accounting irregularities.

- Jim Johnson: Another former CEO of Fannie Mae as well as Countrywide Financial who made millions on the backs of subprime mortgages, and bailed out of the business right before things went bad. This man, whose ethics are questionable for obvious reasons, was the one who was originally picked to lead the vetting process for Obama's VP pick (until the revelation that he received loans directly from his successor at Countrywide, Angelo Mozillo) and has been a top donor and fundraiser for Obama.

- ACORN: Obama says he never worked for ACORN...however, he's helped them shake down Citigroup in court as a lawyer for them. He claimed never to train any of their classes, but people within ACORN proudly admit that he did, until he told them to basically shut up. They've endorsed the man as a candidate. Their workers have committed verifiable voter fraud that competely favors the Democrats in this election (and gee, which party is Obama a member of?).

- The New Party: A group that attempted to practice electoral fusion and endorse socialist-type liberals for public office, and had a basic ideology that rivaled the Green Party in terms of very leftist economic and social theory. Heavily backed by ACORN, and information is now coming out that Obama was not just a candidate endorsed by The New Party, but that he was actively a member...courting voters to go for far-left and socialist candidates.

Now, I could go with one or two points as chinks in the armor...but after a while, the bones of these skeltons begin to pile up heavily. Throw in the fact that Obama, his campaign, nor the state of Hawaii cannot produce an original birth certificate, and other issues...and it begins to add up that this is a man who I cannot trust in the White House, let alone disagree with.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should look into the people who have done favors for Obama and vice versa. Saying Ayers is a big deal because Obama knew and talked to him doesn't cause much of an impression. Obama has known and talked to a lot of people. We can't necessarily affirm that he agreed with their ideas. However, it looks pretty likely that Obama did some political favors for people in the Chicago machine that are under investigation or have been accused of irregularities. These are the connections that must sooner or later be scrutinized. Better sooner.