Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Virginia Virtucon: Obama's Internal Pennsylvania Polling Numbers Scare Libs

Virginia Virtucon has this info up that shows Obama's internal polling has him up only 2% in Pennsylvania. DailyKos is raving mad, with the person posting this saying that they need to "crush their spirits" (referring to Republicans).

Allow me to state that as someone who opposes most of what the Kos crowd stands for...I will never let them crush my spirits. They will only succeed in pissing me off, which only motivates me more to push for what I believe in.

As for the internal polling by Obama only putting him up 2%? It makes sense. See, having once lived in Pennsylvania (and it being one of my "homes away from home"), I know a little bit about the Pennsylvania political mentality. What many people don't realize is that this is a state that generally elects conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans...they pretty much buck the trends. Mark Warner would be insanely popular up there...Dennis Kucinich would not. Occasionally you get someone who doesn't fit the mold, but generally speaking, you don't get extremes on either side.

Not to mention, Obama, Biden, and other Democrats have pretty much done everything possible to alienate a very large swath of Keystone State voters...

- Obama's "bitter people who cling to guns and Bibles" statement was referring to PA voters.
- Joe Biden's "there will be no coal plants in Pennsylvania" statement...when Pennsylvania has a large coal mining population that belong to unions (who may sit this out, just like the West Virginia mining unions have pretty much sat out elections since 2000, when Gore alienated them).
- Rep. Murtha's statements about Western PA being "racist"...then saying they're not racist, just "rednecks".
- "Spread the wealth around" is not a phrase that resonates well with PA citizens as a whole, unless they're in Philadelphia.

Honestly, I'm surprised that so many people are surprised that Pennsylvania is this close, now that I think about it.

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