Friday, October 24, 2008

OK, This I Can't Condone...

I posted yesterday about attacks on McCain supporters, and I included a story about a McCain volunteer who was mugged, then assaulted for having a McCain sticker on her car.

Turns out she made it up.

This does not invalidate the other examples of Obama supporters, but it does put McCain supporters in a bad light...and it is stories like this that feeds the media's slant that McCain supporters are all crazy, rabid bigots.

Stupid people like this are not helping the cause, and this woman is stupid...plain and simple.

And apologies to Doug Mataconis from Below The Beltway, who sniffed this one out last night on another blog (I can't remember where) and I fired back at him because I believed the initial story (which hey, with the other examples I provided, it becomes much less of a stretch to believe it).

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