Tuesday, June 12, 2007

*ahem* We Have a Tie

That's right, folks. The "Fred"eral Express has chugged along...all the way to the top of the polls.

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, Fred Thompson and Rudy Guiliani are now tied at the top of the GOP field at 24% each. The report details describe Thompson's rise to the top as "meteoric". Thompson is up a whopping 7 points since last week's poll.

Mitt Romney and John McCain are tied for 2nd...at 11% each, less than half of Thompson and Guiliani's numbers. Romney lost 4 points from last week's Rasmussen poll, McCain continues his downward slide, losing 3 points.

As of right now, this is slowly becoming a two-horse race...and that may be what the GOP needs right now, a thinning of the herd at the top.

On an even more glorious note, Harry Reid's approval ratings have sunk to 19%! In comparison, Dick Cheney has an approval rating of 38%, which is DOUBLE Reid's approval rating.

It's been a good morning, so far...

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