Thursday, June 14, 2007

All Is Abnormally Quiet in Israel Right Now

Because Palestine has erupted in civil war...which means that instead of the factions attacking Israel, they're attacking each other.

Militants from both Hamas and Fatah are fighting in the streets, and Hamas has captured Fatah headquarters in two cities.

It's gotten to the point that President Mahmoud Abbas is going to dissolve the Palestinian National Authority's government and declare a State of Emergency. Abbas is also going to call for the deployment of a multinational force in Gaza, and will appoint an independent politician to take the place of Prime Minister Ismail Hamiyeh, who is part of Hamas.

Hamas is the most rabidly anti-Israeli faction in the Palestinian government. They are driven by their religion, and are also against the secular Palestinian National Authority. Their goal is eradicate the Israeli state and spread the "banner of Islam" over all of Palestine. While they claim to be a "liberation movement", their tactics of suicide bombs, car bombs, and the like have earned them the designation of an indentified terrorist faction.

Things have gone beyond dicey over there, it's all out war now.

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