Thursday, June 14, 2007

Can't Buy What's Not For Sale

Especially when it's the public's opinion of this unfortunately-not-dead immigration capitulation. George W. Bush, however, thinks differently.

Bush wants to add a proposal to this amnesty bill that provides $4.4 billion in immediate border control enforcement. This $4.4 billion is supposedly to be paid off from the fees that illegals pay for citizenship and the penalties paid by employers of illegal aliens. Unsurprisingly, John Kyl and Lindsey Graham support this.

While that is a first step of a 10,000 mile journey towards a real piece of immigration legislation, it doesn't say whether or not the current border security budget will eventually increase, decrease, or stay the same...and nobody seems to want to provide an answer to that, either.

I still maintain that I like Fred Thompson's plan, secure the border FIRST, reform the legal path of immigration so it is more efficient...and at the same time deport any and all illegals that we capture in these workplace raids or that are arrested for other crimes. THEN, after all that, we can figure out how to deal with the remaining group of illegal aliens in our nation.

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