Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And Rosie's Replacement on "The View" is...

...da-dada, Whoopi Goldberg.

Well, even though Whoopi is a liberal, she is a definite improvement over Rosie O'Donnell. At least Whoopi doesn't pretend to be an authority on issues when she isn't. I may not agree with Whoopi, but at least she speaks in a calm, civil tone (compared to Rosie's rants, raves, and blabbering), and will not find ways to infuriate people simply because they crave attention.

Hopefully, they'll replace Joy Behar with another person who knows how to discuss topics instead of blabber on aimlessly. I wonder how interesting the discussions between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Whoopi will be, given that we'll at least something resembling civility on "The View".

My guess, ratings will go down...it's unfortunate that general lunacy = ratings.

At least we won't hear any stupid 9/11 conspiracy theory rants, or hearts bleeding over false and insanely-bloated statistics of civilian deaths in Iraq.

Now, why can't they find a 2nd conservative to pair up with Hasselbeck...oh, wait, I forgot, the MSM is involved. Silly me.

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Venomous Kate said...

I'd actually consider watching the View with Whoopie on it. Liberal or no, she's intelligent and funny as hell.